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Reports, videos & pictures of the Vienna congress,
3 - 6 august 2011:

Now you can find videos on Youtube, a filmdocumentation of the congress in two parts and in a lot of parts the cultural evening:

A lot of pictures of the congress we have uploaded to the web picture service flickr in two different accounts. Here are the links::

Pictures made from Domino Winter:

Pictures made from Alfred Leuthold:

More: please see at the German pages.

People from 20 countries will came together in Vienna!

This was the fifth Congress.

A brief reminder:
1. 1998 in Berlin (Germany)
2. 2001 in Dornach (Switzerland)
3. 2005 in Prague (Czech Republic)
4. 2008 in The Hague (Netherlands)

You can find out more about the previous Congresses here: `previous Congresses`

Reports and Photos of the four previous <Living in the Encounter> European Congresses

can be found here: `previous Congresses´.

Additional data: please see German pages.

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