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European Congresses 'Living in the Encounter'
Congresses all over the world

Congresses all over the world

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Logo Thai congress 2016 The 3rd congress in Thailand 14 - 17 july 2016

"There is Love in my heart"
will take place Khonkhaen University, Khonkhaen, Thailand.

The collegues have translated the informationen about the Thai congress into Englisch.
Download 'poster' (jpg, 316 kB)
Download 'brochure front' (jpg, 273 kB)
Download 'brochure back' (jpg, 273 kB)

There will be a translation to English throughout the congress!

The Thai website is also available in English.
There you can see information and the schedule in a more readable form:
and the application form:
-- application is possible up to 30 June 2016

Original brochure in THAI: download pdf (10.3 MB)

The 2nd congress in Portugal / Spain
6 - 8 June 2016

The second Spanish- Portuguese Congress has just ended at Casa St. Isabel / Portugal.
Almost 300 participants enjoyed 3 wonderful days.
Invitation and programme in Portuguese: Download pdf (2.4 MB)


South America

The 5th Latin American Conference 2016

in Cali / Colombia, 8 - 11 March 2016

Fourth Congress in South America 2014

in Buenos Aires / Argentina, 21 - 24 April 2014

Third Congress in Brazil 2012

theme: "Construindo o Caminho com Amor" -- Building the Way with Love. 
23 - 27 April 2012

South American Congress for People with special needs 2010

in Bertioga – Sao Paulo / Brazil, 16 - 19 November 2010

First Brazilian Congress for people with special needs 2009

in Penedo/ Rio de Janeiro, 23 – 27 November 2009
Report 2009 Brazil Congress (in German).


Second congress in Caucasus 2015

in Yerevan / Armenia, 1 - 3 October 2015
Report download here (pdf, 193 kB).

1st Caucasian Congress in Georgia 2011

in Tiflis / Georgia, 9 - 11 June 2011 . Theme: 'We all need us'
More information you can find on the websites of the organizers:
Zentrum für freie Pädagogik (in German and Russian, too):
Association for People in Need of Special Care (APNSC) (in English, too):


Second Congress in Russia 2012

in Yekaterinburg, 23 - 26 September 2012
See a short report: Download here as pdf-file, 44 kB

First Russian Congress for People with special needs 2010

in Moscow, 19 - 22 September 2010,
In June 2009 at Rostov on Don, Southern Russia, was the venue for an all-Russian working meeting. A preparatory group with participants from all over Russia was formed. The first Congress in Russia is in full swing.
Participants from other countries are warmly welcome to attend!
Progam (german, english, russian) for download here (pdf, 84 kB).


Second congress in Thailand 2014

16 - 19 May 2014
Reports of the second congress in Thailand:
report Thomas Kraus, download (pdf, 68 kB)
report with fotos, download (pdf, 1,27 MB)

First congress in Thailand 2012

in Bangkok, 17 - 19 February 2012
A short report for download (pdf).

Norway / Scandinavia

Summerfestival 'Peer for all' in Norway 23 - 28 june, 2013
For more information: (Norsk language; with pictures)

To date there have been three scandinavian summer festivals in Järna (Sweden) and three in Norway in 2009, 2011 and 2013, all inspired by the >Living in the Encounter< impulse.
More information under

The Balkans / Serbia

1. Balkan Congress for people with special needs 2009

in Beograd / Serbia, 13 – 17 May 2009
Around 160 participants from ten countries, but mainly the former Yugoslavia, came together for a five-day Congress in Beograd the Serbian capital. It was a first in the context of the Balkans.
Download a Congress report in German (pdf. 184 kB).
Further information in English and Serbian and photos see

Reports and Photos of the six previous European Congresses <Living in the Encounter>

can be found here: `previous Congresses´.

Additional data: please see German pages.

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